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As a CRP Mentor holding a certification from the Asklepia Foundation’s IACS, I commit myself to conduct my professional relationships in accord with the Code of Ethics and subscribe to the following statements:

* First: I will do no harm.

* I will not discriminate because of race, color, religion, age, sex, or national ancestry and in my job capacity will work to prevent and eliminate such discrimination in rendering service, in work assignments, and in employment practices.

* I give precedence to my professional responsibility over my personal interests.

* I hold myself responsible for the quality and extent of the service I perform.

* I respect the privacy of the people I serve.

* I respect the rights, desires and needs of my clients at all times.

* I use in a responsible manner information gained in professional relationships, and keep secure all files on such information.

* I treat with respect the findings, views, and actions of colleagues and use appropriate channels to express judgment on these matters.

* I practice CRP within the recognized knowledge and competence of the profession.

* I recognize my professional responsibility to add my ideas and findings to the body of CRP knowledge and practice.

* I accept responsibility to help protect the community against unethical practice by any individuals or organizations engaged in therapeutic or hypnotic services.

* I distinguish clearly, in public, between my statements and actions as an individual and as a representative of an organization.

* I support the principle that professional practice requires professional education.

* I teach CRP self-help methods to my clients/students whenever possible.

* I contribute my knowledge, skills and support to programs of human welfare.

I agree to conduct my practice and all professional interactions in strict accordance with the Code of Ethics as defined.  If I am charged with an ethics violation, I understand that an investigation may be conducted upon receipt of a written complaint signed by a complaining party.  I will be given an opportunity to present my version of the complaint to the Ethics Committee.  I understand that my Certification could be suspended for a specified period of time or revoked by a unanimous vote of the Ethics Committee.  In any case, I agree to hold the Asklepia Foundation and IACS harmless for such actions.


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