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Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 16:19:28 EDT
Subject: Re: Asklepia Publishing

Dear Doug:
Stanley certainly is fast. I was planning to get my own book printed 
check the quality etc. but certainly I could help you to self publish 
We haven't yet got all of the dertails ironed out, but what we offer is 
help you self publish a bound book, professionally printed in runs of 
books. The cost will vary, depending on the page count (including 
table of contents, blank pages etc.) But for a book of say two hundred 
the cost would be about $4.00 or less per copy. This includes a 
cover. The books are yours to distribute or market as you wish.
We will help you to format and get the book print ready (you will need 
provide a copy of the book exactly as you want it to appear. Laser 
copy is best. 
We can arrange to have it typed into a computer and copied if it is not 
already on disk. There would be an additional  fee for that. 
We will obtain an ISBN number for your book. Cost is not yet set but it 
be for a fee of as low as $20 or could be as high as $60. It depends on 
costs which in turn depend on the topic. (we get a better cost when it 
can be 
published under Asklepia Foundation's mission statement)
We will help you to obtain a copyright if you so wish. Or you can speak 
our attorney who will advise you on your rights and the proceedure. 
We will co-ordinate the printing.
We can provide you with a cover design, or you can work with our 
artist.(additional fee)
We can help you find ways to promote your book or connect you with a 
We may be able to list your book in our WEB catalogue if it is 
with our mission. (the study of consciousness and its applications),  
We are 
at http://www,asklepia,org. (We don't have information about our 
up yet but you can see what we are up to)
We can sometimes provide editing assistance or may be able to provide 
indexing, again for an additional fee not yet determined. (probably 
$500 for indexing)
Basicall we will work with you and help you to get your book published 
(either self or under the Asklepia Publication's name) for a cost of 
$4.00 or 
less per book with a run of 1,000 books. There may be some additional 
for other services, but they will be determined by your needs. In all a 
of 1,000 books will probably be well under $5,000 and possibly as low 

For your information all profits from Asklepia Publishing go to support 
Asklepia Foundation and it mission <>. However, 
we are 
offering this as a service to other authors, particularly those writing 
the field of consciousness and the new sciences. who would like 
and editorial freedom in publishing their own work. 
If you are interesterd, please let me know and we can get started. You 
be our first. Write me at askgraywolf@aol,com and let me know one way 
or the 
other. If you have further questions please write, or call at 541 476 

Yours Sincerly Graywolf Swinney.

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