Asklepia Foundation 
“Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams”


by Graywolf Swinney, c2001

I awoke this morning to an intriguing dream.  It seemed to speak, or more correctly take me to a sense of a problem I have been working on for some time now.  I awoke but was feeling loggy, not here.  These are the typical sensations I experience when I awaken from dead sleep or Delta sleep.  Having a dream recall from this state is unusual, even for me.

In the dream the scene I awoke with was part of a larger and involved dream.  The memory runs as follows:

There is a large glass-fronted box, and on the top part that is not glass is written in old script, in gold, “Chemistry and Magic Set.”  I am part of an audience, watching the box which is holding a magic show within, much like watching a TV  There is a magician, oriental and thin, who is performing tricks to another audience of children within the box.

The trick the magician was performing is indeed mystifying.  There are several disembodied hands floating in the air about him  On command, each hand spurts forth flames from various areas.  The child audience is enraptured and the outer audience seems curious but somewhat jaded.

“This trick is easy; you want to know how to do it,?” comments the oriental magician.  He is invisible from the waist down and the impression is that that is all there is of him.  He too seems floating, like the hands.

“It is simple,” he says.  “You must merely mark the four corners of the hand.” and he demonstrates by touching four points on the hand in a circular motion.  But he goes on and end up touching the hands at eight points.

Suddenly there are two men who four hands are touching at all eight points and somehow twist so that their hands are touching over their heads and shoulders, surrounding them in a circle of hands and arms intertwined.

At this point I feel a strong sensation of a perfect fit, of an intricate “coming together” in complete harmony.  It was the sensation of a completed gestalt.

I awoke to a chortling, ringing phone, which was irrelevant except that it woke me at this instant from a very deep and profound sleep, with this dream indelibly etched in mind.

I have been exploring dreams and dream therapies for three decades now, and like to think I have offered some new insights in the dream process (CRP).  But, the study of dreams has seemed imperfect, and each time I reach a conclusion, develop a process, I am still left with and instead find doorways and unanswered question arising in the answer.

I have found in REM dreams in my work and development, and developed the CRP of Natural Healing, and written several articles about this.  In this work about two years ago, I found that we had a sufficient remission in FM symptoms of one of our clients, who terms this a complete cure of condition.  One of my students, Kuehn, intrigued by the reports, took up the course and similar dramatic results with another FM sufferer.  Since then the process is repeating with two more dramatic successes.

Since that time, I have been led to study the neurological explanation of how the CRP works, and in particular the holographic theory of brain function as postulated by Karl Pribram.  I have also been led to a study of cutting-edge cellular biology as discussed by Bruce Lipton.  These are following models of the process based on relativity theory, quantum physics theory, chaos theory, holographic theory, and REM consciousness (see References).

This diversity of sciences and theories, at different levels of observation, seem to fit together in an intricate pattern. now that I have had the sense (as in sensation) that there is still something incomplete or missing, and I strongly suspect that “something” lies in the domain of “Delta Dreams.”

The Physiology of Delta Sleep