Asklepia Foundation
"Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams"


Working in Wakened REM Consciousness;
A Collection of Anecdotal Self-Reports from CRP Journeys

"The creative leap occurs when observed facts are correlated; that is, when by perceiving a heretofore unsuspected identity, a conjunctive path or a new order is discovered."
                                                                                                                                       --Silvano Arieti

ABSTRACT:  Sojourners into the CRP are quite literally Light Sleepers, consciousness travellers working in wakened REM consciousness.  These waking dreams present endless and fascinating varieties of inner experiences and carry deep meaning for both the mentor and mentored, since they co-create the process in co-consciousness.

This paper attempts to capture the color and range of the journeys through a variety of tales told by those who participated in them.  These self-reports are often candid and personalistic, but certain generic themes are reiterated within each journey, each series of journeys, and among different participants.  The theory and practice of this self-organizing, unfolding process is the subject of DREAMHEALING:  Chaos, Creativity, and Consciousness by Graywolf Swinney and Iona Miller.

The Consciousness Restructuring Process (CRP) facilitates journeys in REM into the healing heart of our dreams, into the depths where even Self turns into No-Self, or the Unbound Self, where separation dissolves into unification, where natural healing and creative emergence spring forth.  The following are self-reports of such Journeys by the participants themselves, exploring what they have found to be continuing benefits of listening to their dreams and moving beyond limitations into the Unbound Self.

*     *     *

"The dreamwork I did with you is always with me.  It moved me then and it moves me still as a beautiful unveiling of Life the Healer, love of the body, hiding long and deep in the chaos of the human mystery."

"I have had many different counselings and therapies.  None went as deep as this process; none went deep enough for the healing I desired.  The CRP Dream Process did."

"As we began to work within my dreams, I found that I had come home.  I had begun a remarkable journey into the inner reality of myself, where I came to know a profound strength grounded in a deep personal trust."

*     *     *

The Currents of "Crucifiction"

2/2001, Graywolf Swinney:  I was feeling overwhelmed and depressed.  I was not sleeping more than two or three hours a night and feeling hopeless and somewhat helpless about my life and situation.  I was also needing to pass through my grieving process over the death of a very close and intimate friend about two months previously.  The first anniversary of my own life-threatening challenge, the "triple AAA" (a burst Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) that had turned around my own life was coming up soon.  It had been quite some time since my last journey.  I had very little energy for anything and was beginning to feel frozen by fears and inabilities.

I don't even remember the dream that opened my journey, but by exploring the beingness of one of its symbols, I found myself catapulted into an earlier dream from about twelve or more years previously during a similar experience of life.  In this earlier dream I had hung, suspended from the ceiling of a concrete tunnel, and indoor pistol firing range, by meat hooks piercing my neck, shoulders and arms.

When I was invited to become the suspended figure and experience the pain and discomfort of the hooks I became intensely aware of the sensation of falling or tumbling backwards, sliding backwards down the rail or track in the roof of this black tunnel and into the dimly lighten target area.  My imaginal body configuration was of being suspended on the cross of "crucifiction."

The wall at the end of the tunnel was covered by a grid made of steel cables and, as I watched and experienced myself sliding into it, I realized that it was highly charged with current of electric power.  I slid helplessly into it.  I was electrocuted by a vast discharge of electricity accompanied by a brilliant flash of light; a light as bright as that of a nuclear explosion.  I heard the sounds of high energy electric current discharge and was magnetized and held to the wall by the current.  I was vaguely aware of my body twitching and jerking in real time.

This sequence was an internal drama or enactment of how I was externally experiencing life at the time of the original dream, and also in my present circumstances.  I was helplessly falling blindly backwards into a deep, infinite, black void that would somehow engulf and destroy me.  These sensations also reminded me of what I had experienced as I was being wheeled on the gurney into the operating room in my medical emergency of the previous year.  It was what my life felt like currently, (pun intended).

It was the experience of a deep and primal archetypal self and reminded me of Jesus Christ suspended from his cross and sliding into his own crucifixion and destruction.  It was a moment filled with all the despair and helplessness for me that He must have been feeling when he cried out nearing the end of his ordeal, "Father!  Why has thou forsaken me?"  It was this personal archetypal primal image that was embodying my fears and shaping my life's perceptions and experience right then, and perhaps had through much of my life.  It was very disempowering to me.

My CRP mentor invited me to yield into this process and as I did, I was immediately drawn into the flash of the brilliant electrical discharge upon impacting the grid.  I could feel the current coursing through  my body, magnetizing and holding me stuck to the grid.  I experienced my death and despair to be very real in that moment, and foremost in my awareness.

When the flash of light began to subside, I found myself floating and tumbling in a vast dark void which began to fill with stars, except each star became the node in an infinite three dimensional cubic grid.  Each node was joined by a pipe-like rod creating a vast complexity of interconnected cubes, each cube connected to six other cubes which were connected in turn to other cubes, and this grid extended out to infinity.

I was the smallest mote in this three dimensional grid, and at the same time I also sensed being the whole of it.  I could be anywhere or everywhere in it.  Location didn't matter because in being any part of it I was also all of it.  It was a sensory and very real experience of being a holographic interference pattern (negative) and having my self or my image dispersed throughout all of it, yet entirely present in even the tiniest microscopic part of it.  It was also a very spiritual and transcendent experience.  I felt a definite shift in my sense of who and what I was, and what I was capable of doing.  I was in and of this power-filled grid of infinity.

I remained in this expanded state for some time, and eventually returned to this reality when my eyes opened.  I felt that a fundamental change or shift had occurred.  We went through our re-entry process but the miracle that had happened inside me began to unfold in my life.

I went the next day to visit a close and intimate friend and she immediately sensed the shift in me, and has continued to point out persistent differences over the weeks that followed.

I felt brighter and lighter, and over the next few days found myself once again returned to enthusiastically and fully joining into life.  I experienced energy and being filled with purpose and power.  There was a spring to my step and my depression and helplessness no longer seemed to be present.  I began to more fully accept the death of my friend and had both energy and confidence to live my life.  I was no longer depressed.  There has been much more positive fall out and many realizations that continue to flow from the journey, including moving past a 'writer's block.'  But most important, I am once again back on track, (pun intended).

Trusting the Dream & the Dreamer

John Mackenzie is a dreamworker whose avocations include gardening and building stringed instruments; he studied with Graywolf and offers sessions in the Portland area.

After a period of several years, I came to a place in my life where I didn't know what was meaningful anymore.  I didn't know what purpose my marriage served, or how my work served me and anyone else.  Increasingly, what I had believed to be trustworthy was no longer reliable.

I wandered through the forest of my psyche in search of meaning and purpose that would connect me to myself and the world.  My search led me to a dreamworker in the woods of Southern Oregon, who asked me what I wanted.  Like a prince in a story with one eye on the golden treasure, I answered, "Nothing less than fundamental transformation."  He laughed and said, "That would be a good chapter heading for my book, [and you're book of life as well]."

As we began to work within my dreams, I found that I had come home.  I discovered that I also plugged directly into my body's own consciousness.  I had begun a remarkable journey into the inner reality of myself, where I came to know a profound strenth grounded in a deep personal trust.  In constrast to other types of dreamwork, I was going inside the frozen depths of my fear and also riding the crest of my joy, exploring trust-anchored body sensations.

Focusing on, connecting to and recrystallizing my body's consciousness made the difference for me between living the fullness of life and being generally miserable.  I found that this kind of dreamwork connected me to my authentic self, as one on the path of a spiritual warrior, choosing the way to a deeper self-acceptance.

I discovered that effective dreamwork builds trust within the dreamer and guide.  By feeling the essence of not controlling, I eventually recognized that what I called "being in control" was actually fear.  Personal discovery in a safe trust filled environment, which I experienced with a dreamworker, also became for me a new model for community, freer and more satisfying than I had normally experienced in everyday life.

Transformation dream process effectively moves energy, shifts consciousness and produces a new psychic glue that holds together a greater self.  These dream regeneration experiences form the basis of new patterns of inner and outer behavior, radiating a deeper level of congruence, makking vivid the connection personal and self-trust.

The CRP Journey Process and What It Has Meant In My Life
John Penkert RN, BSN

I became interested in CRP in 1993 when I heard Graywolf speak at a lecture given to nurses.  I work for the Veterans' Administration as a psychiatric nurse and certified addictions counselor.   I sought him out and asked if I could learn more.  He was more than receptive and was developing his mentorship program at that time.  I eventually asked to be part of the program.  I was an active participant and helped develop the training regime.  I feel I fully graduated in 1996.  I was then a certified CRP Mentor.  Since that time I have used CRP in my practice when I feel it is appropriate and firmly believe that it is a very workable therapy option.

This missive is not about my work but about my journeys.  I first came to Graywolf for therapy.  I am a recovered Heroin Addict wih a centuries old dysfunction in my familial history.  I am a Gypsy and a first generation American.  I have been physically and sexually abused as a child.  In my 20's I was arrested 7 times in 5 years for drug related and traffic offenses.  I spent much time in various therapies after I became clean in 1979.  I was at a dead end, feeling that I had used up conventional psychotherapy, when I met Graywolf.  What follows is a description of my journey process over the last 8 years.

My first journey was as a guinea pig at a workshop Graywolf was hosting in late 1993 or early 1994.  I was unable to commit fully to the process at that time.  I have such abuse issues that I have tremendous resistance to therapy.  However, I was intrigued and sought out more therapy.  Since that time I have taken probably 30 Journeys and all have proved beneficial.  I am going to attempt to depict two.

The first I will try to characterize occurred after approximately two years of working with Graywolf on my own therapy and hosting the mentorship program.  By this time I had derived some noticeable benefits from therapy and was able to fall into the journey process easily.  I had a dream concerning a car trip with many strange attractors (read about the process for definition) including cars going backward, monster in the back seat, cars changing from one make to another and a snow storm.  I ended up on a log landing with some unusual logging equipment among which there were two huge cables sheathed in a segmented tunnel.

As I described the dream during a journey, Graywolf (my Mentor at the time) invited me to explore the tunnel (an archetypal image).  As I went inside it became a fast flowing river where I was tosed about, narrowly missing rocks and being plunged under the water while traversing rapids.  Then I had a vision of one of my favorite spots on the Columbia River where I grew up and at the same time began to go deeper in the water.  Finally I came to rest at the bottom of the Columbia River at a depth which felt like many fathoms.  It was warm and peaceful in this spot and Graywolf invited me to stay there for a while.  When I finally opened my eyes I felt very relaxed and peaceful.  As the weeks passed, I noticed a marked change in the way I dealth with my clients, and how I was able to just feel love for people.

The second Journey I will describe happened approximately six months ago.  I am able to go into the CRP easily now and this journey happened in about 15 minutes where often they last 1-1 1/2 hours.  In most journeys I take, if I am aware of physical symptoms, it usually migrates to my lower back and feels like a steel ball in my back about the size of a softball at 12 vertebrae.

During the journey I was describing a change in a reoccurring dream about my ex-wife when I felt the ball very strongly as a great physical pain.  My mentor asked me to concentrate on the ball and see if I could become it.  As I did so it seemed to dissipate and I found myself floating in the sky.  It was over quickly.  The results I have reaped from this are that I am able to understand the futility of anger and I am motivated to work our and enjoy physical exercise.

There has not been a journey that I have taken that I have not felt benefits from and when I am able to take my clients on journeys, it is invariably beneficial.  I hope this provides some insight into the advantages of CRP.

Dream Healing
An Experiential Non-Interpretive Way into Your Dreams

Patrick Welch wrote about spiritual healers and healing for many years; he is co-author of Between Sky and Earth: Spritiual Healers of North America with Dr. Stanley Krippner by Dodd Mead & Co., NYC.  He often interviewed Graywolf in the 1980s.  He emphasized that Graywolf's model of Dream Healing centered around going into and then past the experience of the symbols so that we can contact the formative and limitless energies underneath the symbols.

The guided dream journey that I took had Graywolf as a guide or mentor, and my dream as the territory to be explored.  My intention for the journey was that I wanted to heal a tension in my heart and chest area.  Like a guide leading a person through the mountains, he suggested directions for me to take within the dream after I had recalled the dream and gone back into the experience of it.

The particular symbol that felt the most drawing to his inner guide, a long wooden rafter shaped like a snake, prompted a journey through various, linked inner spaces that ended up in a place very different from our starting point; first, I explored a feeling of crawling on the ground in the earth, then, I became a particle of dirt; next, I saw a vision of the atomic level of this particle; then I took a leap into the center of the atom, where I had the experience of watching a host of miniature men laboring; and finally, I ended by finding an orange key which I saw floating in a red mist!

Upon discovering the orange key, Graywolf suggested that I could use it if I wanted.  He asked where the lock was and I said, "Around my heart."  I deliberated about opening the lock hastily, and at last did.  My experience was that the opened lock let loose a surge of feeling and tingling sensations in my chest which then travelled out through my arms and torso and down to my legs.

Quite literally, they key had opened the lock to a blocked part of me.  I felt relieved to have the block away and stayed with this experience for a while, soaking in the feeling of release and my newfound peace.  Finally, Graywolf reminded me to thank my dream self and the god Asklepios for sending me this healing dream.  All of which I did very gratefully.

I learned from this experience that when someone outside you manipulates you by professing to heal your mind and/or body, that the power of your own inner healer gets handed over to that person.  To be empowered, the person seeking healing needs to take an active part in the healing process.

With this awareness, Graywolf's approach to my dream journey evolved in the moment to keep pace with where I went inside with the dream symbol.  Consequently, I had an active part in the healing process and basically directed the healing experience, as it was my progression of experiences that provided the pathway to my healing.  The experience of finding an inner healing state is invaluable as it teaches that the healer is within, that outer healers are only representations of what's already inside.

Graywolf's practice of dream mentoring incorporates but travels beyond the work of Gestalt Therapy founder Fritz Perls.  Gestalt Therapy centered on bringing wholeness to the person and actually stayed within the structure of the ego to gain a better understanding of the waking ego's concerns and patterns.  Taking a journey into a dream extends the Gestalt idea of becoming the symbol by going past the symbols into the energies that are there beneath it like to the orange key that I found in my journey.

This idea of trusting and staying with the experience of the dream rather than interpreting and decoding the symbols actually began in ancient Greece.  The Greeks were staunch believers in dreams as powerful healing forces of nature.  The apex of their healing model was centered on the dream experience as a direct form of healing.  At the Asklepian Temples, the god Asklepios himself would enter your dreams to bring you the healing that you sought.

At these temples, a Dream priest/priestess oversaw the purification rites and ceremonies to prepare you for this direct contact with the god Asklepios, through the process of dream incubation at the sanctuary.  The dream priest would look within your dreams for a sign of the god.  They did not interpret, as that was considered interfering with the divine work of the god.  Asklepios often took the form of a snake, wolf or dog when visiting in dreams; the caduceus, the staff wrapped with two snakes, is still the symbol for the modern medical profession.

Most of us who have paid any attention to our dreams have usually begun by first interpreting the symbols.  However, interpreting and analyzing a symbol can only give you a rationalized, detailed description and removed experience of the symbol, like looking at the map rather than entering a territory.  Even free-associations are still another form of interpretation or amplification, leading you through the labyrinth of the ego.  Interpreting limits your unconditioned experience of the expanded  realms beyond.

Understandably, we do not always have healing dreams about snakes, dogs, or wolfs, but every dream offers access to a source of primal, fundamental energy, whether it be a healing space or another deep level of experience.  Trusting yourself to let go of the interpretations and associations and to stay with your experience of the dream will allow you to expolore the expanded states offered by the dream will keep you in touch with your inner strength and power, which no one can take from you.  Being receptive to the experiences that your dreams offer will maintain your relationship with your inner ally and healer.

Dreams give you inner doorways to energies that, when accepted and explored, give you tools for your personal transformation and healing.  They can also open you to a deeper knowing of your true abilities and powers as a spiritual being.  They can help you find the healer you've always been seeking, YOU!

Sharry Teague, M.A., Counselor:  Over a period of a year I did several dream healing journeys that I believe have been a significant part of my spiritual path.  Although these experiences took place over ten years ago I still remember one vividly.  I dreamed of a woman with a bloodied face.  Through the journeying process this frightening vision transformed within my body/mind.  I came to a place of being in a boat holding a pole that went down through the water and into the mud below.  This image was not just in my visual field.  It was in my total experience of myself, and introduced me to profound depth and balance accessible to me.

Another CRP participant, a fine arts graduate, reports a Dream of Passage:

I recall only a short segment of this dream and what I recall is mostly in the form of words.

There was a Judge.  He was dressed in black robes and sitting in a position, high above me.  The Judge was talking about Sentencing.  The Judge said, "Death is not the ultimate sentence.  In this realm we all die.  It's the end we all face.  Life is the most difficult sentence -- learning how to be; being with other people; working through your problems and learning how to get along.  That, is the hard sentence."

I awoke with a start.

A CRP trainee who is a graduate psychologist and Hypnotherapist had the following experiences to report, providing a good internal description of integrating the process work with personal reflection and inner work:

Oct. 16, 1990:  I THINK THAT I MIGHT HAVE A HANDLE ON A BIT OF MY CORE PROBLEMS. It has something to do with my parents telling me that I was worthy, and could do anything, and should have anything within reason.  Others believing that I was terribly spoiled and a big BRAT...worthy vs. not worthy, deserving vs. nondeserving and spoiled; that I could do anything vs. my mother taking over and doing things for me when I wasn't perfect...

Oct. 18, 1990:  Had a very good session with GW.  He and I both feel that a great deal of healing (I don't know how or what) took place and that now I am in the stage of spiritual growth and emergence.  It is still very easy for me to slip back into old habits, patterns, responces, etc.  However, it seems to be a little easier to catch myself and rebalance.  The  new point of balance is still strange and I'm not used to the feeling.  I like it, and it feels good, but it is not as familiar as the past imbalance.  I feel that I have a lot to learn emotionally, mentally, and even physically.

We worked on the CRYSTAL DREAM.  I found the place in my body where the crystal belonged.  It belong in my heart chakras (both), yellow end on the thymus and rose end on my heart chakra.  The colors at first seemed to fade into the center, but in fact where they met seemed to cause a brilliant glow that surpassed the colors of either end.  It created MY SUN...I believe that the ends represent my feminine and masculine parts and the pointt where they merge is My Sacred Marriage.  I don't if that has occured yet, but, I know it will be soon if it has not already happened.  I know that there still needs to be some healing of both.

Last night I did some inner work, and what I learned was some of my own internal mapping.  The split between front and back is: front, feminine/soul; back, masculine/spirit; both share the throat. Palms of my hands (f)...Back of my hands (m), strange pattern around my feet, but basically the same.

Oct. 29, 1990:  Tuesday I had a session and we worked on the dream about the trailers, etc.  The first symbol that was highlighted was the plywood barrier (just had a flash how it might be linked to my Dad, his strength, leadership, energy, stability, fun and positive masculine qualities I remember from my youth).  The barrier was a comfortable thing to be.  I didn't mind not being a standing tree anymore.  I went deeper into the veneer and liked that aspect even better.  I was flexible, moist, and most of all wonderfully fragrant.  In fact, I liked being peeled.  That process allowed my essence in the form of water and essential oils to be released into the ethers.  At first I was more concentrated around the mill, then I could drift anywhere at all.  THANK YOU DADDY; I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!  I really needed to remember that aspect of you that was very much a wonderful, positive role model, who was in touch with his own feminine side.

The next thing that was highlighted was the metal bolt(s) that supported the plywood.  Dark bluish grey material, kind of short and thick, cold and manipulated.  First mined from the ground, taken to a mill, melted and then POURED INTO A MOLD, AND COOLED.  I didn't like that part very much.  It seemed kind of OK being a bolt but it's cold, rigid but/and it helped support the plywood or even other things and that has value.  The ORE aspect of the mineral was then explored, being a part of the earth.  Not just one place, but all through the Earth, right to her very core.  The hot molten core and then to the essence or spirit core with and throughout the earth and beyond.  Feeling life and experiencing Her/our breath, moving and being moved by it and in it, with!

At our Friday training session I volunteered to work with my TRAILER DREAM.  The orange milk crate was the next to be explored.  The color Orange seemed to belong to my stomach or around my 2nd and 3rd chakras...The orange color wants to come to the crate and melt the plastic, it needs to come up in a spiral movement, not linear.  It melts the sides easily but it takes more time to melt the top/bottom.  As soon as that happens there is rush of JOY and energy, almost immediately to be quenched by a nagging, nasty voice that says, "Just how long do you think that's going to last!  Your old habits are so strong that you'll just rebuild that trap/crate!"  When the crate melted I became aware of some relationship between it and the tingling in my legs.  In fact, I could feel that connection.  I want to explore that aspect of the dream more in the future. . .Fear of energy and its movement -- that's where I go next!

[Several sessions followed where she explored feeling unloved and unloveable and her ways of protecting herself from those feelings, visited learning centers within, and explored her caesarean birth experience, a sense of her masculinity through a shadow self, and returns to the theme of her father--Ed.]

NOV. 18, 1990:

. . .I look over at the side of the pool where everyone has gathered, and I think that I see my father standing there, very strong and healthy and smiling.  I stop what I'm doing and go over to the side of the pool and look up.  It is him!  I hear someone off to my right saying, "That's her father.  He died a couple of years ago."  Then they are all very quiet.  I look up at my Dad, he's kneeling at the side of the pool now, and then climb out of the pool and kneel beside him and put my arms around him and just hug him.  I know that he has something to tell me but the dogs start to bark and I start to loose it.  The impression is that he's saying or whispering something like "Stand tall in yourself, or BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!"

Rob Kuehn is a Certified CRP Mentor, practicing in the greater Seattle Area. 
He reports the following journey:

Diane has used the CRP for about the last three years to overcome such illnesses as Bipolar and Fibromyalgia, neither diease has been present for well over a year.  The only medication she uses is for her high blood pressure and she is currently seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist for an injury to her neck caused by an automobile accident.  Her doctors have advised her to consider a spinal fusion to repair her neck injury, but this is not an option she wants to consider.  Diane continues to use the CRP to learn more about her subconscious and its self-healing powers.

Diane had been abused  by her father as a young person.  Until our previous session we had not discussed much about this issue.  During our meeting she shared her feelings about her father and how she was bothered by his lack of remorse or responsibility for his actions.  (Using the CRP it is up to the mentored to determine the areas of healing.)  Towards the end of her last Dream Journey she imagined a yellow and orange flower.  Through her imagination she imaged becoming the flower.  What she noticed was she became pollen and floated away.  The further she floated away the more at ease and emotional she became.  She felt a sense of flushing or cleansing.

This sequence of events appeared to be the symbiotic connection between father and daughter, a sense of "breaking free from..."  Even though it was too soon to tell, I sensed that this journey was not over just yet.  For the next three weeks or so Diane found many emotions that only brought on more questions about her life.  She began to see others differently.  She noticed games and scripts that others used to survive or manipulate their daily lives.  She began to see her own scripts and how annoyed she became with herself for using them.  She recognized the part of her as the game player and the other as seeing the truth; most of all she felt the depression.

Diane returned to continue her process.  She was ready to dream journey into her subconscious as she has so many times before to release that which she must set free and to find her truth.

Her dream began with a large blackness and in the center a purple spot.  I encouraged her to just notice the color in the center and to focus on her out breath.  She noticed that the color configuration appeared to be that of the Mandelbrot set fractal.  She imaged herself in the center of the purple and that the purple was all around her.  I asked if the purple had any substance?  She noticed the substance was warm flowing purple water.  "Can you flow with the water?"

"Yes, I am the water, and as I flow I feel as if I am being reshaped, pulled and stretched."

After a while, I asked again, "what do you notice?"

"I am spinning back and forth as if I was in a washing machine; I still feel as if I am being pulled and stretched in different directions and I'm getting quite warm, even hot.  I also notice other shapes around me but I'm not drawn to them."  After the oscillation had stopped she reported she was in a place where everything was still, but noticed something was watching her.

"How does that make you feel?"

"Fine; it's not threatening."  I told her to trust her out breath here and just notice.  "It's an owl and it's just watching; I'm being pulled into darkness...very fast.  I'm spinning like I am being pulled into a big funnel.  The faster I spin, I notice other objects going in the opposite direction."

The way she described these events, it was as if she was traveling through a Black Hole and/or a vortex in space.  This also is the description of a fractal set called a "Predator-Prey Interaction."  Could this be the blue print of her dis-ease?

During this experience she continued to report a sensation of being stretched or pulled in different directions.  This really seemed to be a reflection of the conflict of her daily life buried in her subconscious.  She also reported she felt she must go in the opposite direction of the other objects because it felt like the right thing to do.  This too was a reflection of what she was feeling toward other people in her life, no longer wanting to use her scripts to determine her reality.  Another thing that I noticed was each time she would change from one place or motion, her eyes would roll back in her head and there appeared to be some sort of intense physical experience happening.

After she finished her spinning through the "funnel," she found herself in a place of emptiness.  The place way dry and warm.  She told me she felt like this was a place to "give up."  I was confused by her desire to give up, never had she reached this level of her being and wanted to quit.

"What do you notice about this desire to give up?  Does it have a sense of emptiness to it?"

"Yes, it is deep within me and I don't care about anything, most of all about myself."  Because of our co-consciousness I asked if there was a sense of despair.

"Yes...really deep sense of despair."  I encouraged her to trust her our breath and give into this sense of despair to "become it."  Some time had passed and I noticed her face began to change; there appeared to be a struggle.  "What do you notice?" I inquired.

"There is a thick heavy green blanket being wrapped around me.  I feel the heaviness around my shoulders and through my chest.  It feels like I am being wrapped in despair."  I encouraged her to trust her out breath and to just notice her process.

She began to notice that the blanket was beginning to become a hard shell.  I sensed that this was an old shell and after a few minutes she replied, "older than I am."  She began to notice a conflict.  She found herself trying to free herself by breaking out of this shell, but it didn't feel natural and she believed this was the source of her conflict.  I asked her where it did feel natural.  Was it to just stay inside the shell?

"Yes."  I asked if she could stay there.  Quietly she replied, "Yes."  She continued to relax and let things happen and soon reported that the shell was falling apart.  After a few more minutes her face began to relax, color returned to her face and she said it was time to leave the shell that had fallen all around her in the form of ash.  "When you leave do you think you should pay homage to it?"  With a wide smile she said that would be important to her.  A slight giggle and she said it was time to move on...time to move forward.  Diane began to notice warmth and sense of weight being removed.  She felt a newness flow through her.

When Diane opened her eyes, she said she was incredibly dizzy and felt like she was still spinning through the top of her head.  She (without thinking) turned her head from side to side and moved her head back and forth from shoulder to shoulder.  "I haven't been able to do that since the car accident."

We both thought this dream was an extension of the last.  An unhealthy bond between her and her father, a passing of his heart disease and depression on to her.  As this goes to print, it is not yet known what gift this dream has for her.  She is sleeping long periods of time, which may indicate that the physical body is in a process of transformation...healing.  One interesting thing is, she has noticed there is an Owl living in her backyard that was not there before her journey.  Do you think this owl is just keeping an eye on things?


"[CRP] therapy is where Psychology is going.  It is the future."  Dr. Victoria Luviano, Ph.D., Mexico City.
"I got more from one session than five years of therapy." Participant, San Francisco.
"I've never seen anything like this in all my years of therapy.  It goes beyond it all."  Participant, Chicago.
"Something really profound is happening with this work.  You can see and sense it."  Dr. Thomas Blakely, Ph.D., Portland, Oregon.
"I've been looking for the next step in my work and development as a therapist, and this is it.  It answers my concerns and hopes about counseling and where it is going."  Counselor, Chicago.
"I tried this with a client.  Not only wass there noticeable change during the session, but when he came back the next week he announced it was still working on him and he was ready to begin leaving therapy."  Psychiatrist, Oregon.
"The consciousness states reached here are the same as those we saw at the Menninger Clinic when we were studying esoteric healings, and in the most transformative of the LSD therapy experiences.  My own experience with it has healed an issue that eluded resolution in almost forty years of personal work with the best of my colleagues."  Psychiatrist, Houston, Texas.
"I don't know if it was the dream journeys or not, but since taking them my high blood pressure has dropped and stabilized almost twenty points lower than it was.  I'm actually bordering on low blood pressure now."  Client, Cincinnati, Ohio.
"Since the work we did, that one session, I just can't go back to the guns and weapons mentality; something in me just won't do it.  I keep hearing the crickets."  Client, Florida.
"We have all been given an opening with this work, an opportunity to begin a new journey in life."  70+ year old Participant, Mexico City.

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