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The Asklepia Foundation
“Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams”


(541) 476-0492


Our purpose as an organization is to introduce and disseminate the Consciousness Restructuring Process, (CRP).  A non-invasive psychophysical healing and personal growth process (rooted in ancient non-interpretive Asklepian dream healing), it integrates and enhances our natural transformation, by facilitating the flow between Chaos and Structure.  This journey process is experiential and spiritual, and through our immersion in it and REM, our existential perceptions evolve.  Dreams are agents of change and can alter our lives, personal, cultural and transpersonal.


The Asklepia Foundation is a non-profit research/educational institution (ICST), and spiritual organization (Chaosophical Society) which provides services and outreach to the local and global community (  Incorporated in Oregon, our mission is to provide sanctuary (Aesculapia Wilderness Retreat), and explore the role of CRP in consciousness, creativity and psychophysical healing with Applied Consciousness Science.  A process-goal of the Foundation is the reintegration of therapy, spirituality and science.  Our purposes include raising appreciation for the value of dreams and REM, training mentors and conducting research in CRP and Consciousness Engineering, and publishing.


* To explore the potential of Applied Consciousness Science through spiritual, therapeutic and research avenues, and facilitate creative applications;

* To foster and enrich the development of human potential and conscious evolution;

* To administrate the development, dissemination, and perpetuation of Consciousness Restructuring Process (CRP) and Applied Consciousness Science (Chaosophy Journal);

* To teach the Consciousness Restructuring Process (CRP) and introduce the mentoring technique of co-consciousness (The Chaosophical Society); to ensure that the process is used in an ethical and competant manner.

* To offer a facility (Aesculapia Wilderness Retreat) for the development and use of CRP in the local and global community (Asklepia website:;

* To network with other individuals (Chaosophical Society membership; Amphora Newsletter) and organizations in the field through our website, outreach,  and training programs (Institute for Consciousness Science and Technology).


Graywolf Swinney, Iona Miller and Dr. Stanley Krippner
Graywolf Swinney, Iona Miller amd Dr. Stanley Krippner; 6/2001
picture of Nola, John, Robin, Carol Sue, Graywolf, Iona, David, Virginia
Board Members
Nola, John, Robin, Carol Sue, Graywolf, Iona, David (CEO, retired), Virginia; 12/2000

Graywolf Swinney: Chairman of the Board and "Grandfather"
Dr. Stanley Krippner: Dean of Consciousness Studies; Saybrook Institute
Dr. Ed Glovinsky: Medical Director
Graywolf Swinney, MA: ICST Founder/Director and Clinical Director
Iona Miller, CHT: ICST Dean of Faculty; Publisher, and "Grandmother"
Joanne Bakula, PhD: Professor of Philosophy, Southern Oregon University
John Penkert, RN: CRP Mentor; Psychiatric Nurse, Certified Addictions Nurse, ICST
Peggie Southwick, MA: Jungian Counselor, ICST Faculty
Nola Ettner, BA, CHT: ICST Faculty and Video Archivist
Robert C. "Bob" Miller: Attorney and Finance Committee
Virginia Errick, BFA: Art Therapy
Carol Sue Englebrook: Administration, Publicity
Robin Englebrook: Administration
Michael McCloud: Administration
Rob Kuehn: CRP Mentor; Board Member and Webmaster
Darlene Kuehn: Volunteer Chairman, Web Maintenance
Janice Cerutti: CRP Mentor; Advisor to the Board



Assistance is needed for all phases of operation.  Volunteers may help with retreat events, computers and office organization, mailing list development and correspondence, publicity, support services for grant writing and solicitation, building maintenance and landscaping, food management, etc.  Tell us what your forte is and we'll find a compatible assignment for you.

Asklepia Board Members
Virginia, Iona, Robin, Carol Sue, Stan
Bob, Graywolf; 6-2001

(541) 476-0492

Individual Sessions:  Experience personal journeys with a certified CRP Mentor.

Individual psychotherapy at Asklepia includes an eclectic approach using lifestyle and nutritional counseling, shamanic, Freudian and Jungian therapy, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt as a basis, augmented by the journey process when indicated.  As journeys often require time to assimilate, they are not necessarily included in every session, and are conducted at the discretion of the mentor and mentored.

Group Sessions:

Group sessions are available periodically, both with established groups and open-ended groups.  These sessions include campouts, sweats, vision quests, and dream incubation.  They are conducted on whitewater trips, at the retreat and in workshops and demonstration groups.  A CRP Mentor facilitates the group, and conducts journeys with members when appropriate situations arise in the group context.

Corporate Seminars:

Corporate workshops are available using dreams for problem-solving, team-building, stress management, and personal enrichment; individual and group sessions or journeys are conducted at the discretion of the mentor.  Enquire for availability and rates for your business or corporation.

Retreat and Sanctuary:

Aesculapia Wilderness Retreat offers a variety of packages for relaxing stays in our low-stress environment, with and without therapeutic support, either at the retreat house or on-site camping.  Retreat packages includes daily sessions, (or as needed).  Sanctuary provides guests a place to work on their own healing crisis, in their own way.  Mentors can be engaged for a fee of $65 per session for sanctuary guests.  Ask about our special 7-14 day Darkroom Enlightenment experiential retreats.  See Aesculapia Wilderness Retreat for complete daily, weekly, and monthly fee schedule.  Aesculapia is only a day trip from wonders like Crater Lake, Oregon Caves, Redwood forests, Oregon Coast, skiing at Mount Ashland, Kalamiopsis Wilderness, Mount Shasta, Rogue River whitewater and jetboat rides, Ashland Shakespeare, and Jacksonville's worldclass Britt Music Festival, and miles of beautiful wooded country and drives.

River Spiritual Quests:

Asklepia is situated close to the confluence of both the Rogue and Illinois Rivers providing whitewater rafting adventures at various levels of challenge.  Half day, full day, or six day river trips and spiritual quests are offered in the spring and fall.  All guests can book river trips during their stay.  Graywolf is an experienced river guide, and we find that wilderness and the river are great teachers.  Please call for information and fees.

Personalized Recovery Programs:

Tired of regimented, “one-size-fits-all” recovery programs that don’t yield lasting results?  Asklepia offers both individualized and group-oriented recovery programs with personal counseling, treatment, and journeys for those seeking to reconnect with the spiritual aspects of their addictions.  This program is directed by John Penkert, a psychiatric nurse and certified addictions counselor with many years of institutional and private experience in a variety of addiction issues.  As a certified CRP mentor, John has used this process with excellent results for his clients for years both in his practice and in volunteer settings.  Call Asklepia for an interview and details; by appointment only.

Training Workshops for CRP Certification:

The Institute for Consciousness Science and Technology offers intensive training programs in mentoring for both psychologically and spiritually-oriented individuals desiring to add the journey process to their repertoire of skills and treatment options.  Instruction of students or personnel in research, techniques or practices pertinent to the delivery of health services is offered.  Asklepia also provides support for additional or updated training of professional, paraprofessional, or non-professionals working in all health fields, including pastoral counseling.  See the extensive ICST Curriculum and Institute Objectives for further details; see also The Chaosophical Society, which sponsors spiritual aspirants.

Demonstrations of Consciousness Restructuring Process:

Just want to see what the CRP journey process is like and where it can go?  You may want to attend or sponsor a demonstration lecture.  Demonstrations are conducted within the context of short public talks at your location, for a variety of events.  Asklepia plans to be represented, for example, at many stops of Whole Life Expo.   Workshops are organized following many demonstrations.

Workshops, Seminars and Symposia:

Asklepia sponsors workshops open to all those interested in learning more, experiencing, and practicing the CRP non-interpretive, experiential dream healing process.  We also sponsor Seminars, where we bring in other speakers, such as Dr. Stanley Krippner or Bruce Lipton, to bring their expertise in related subjects such as dreams, parapsychology or cellular biology, for example.  We also sponsor Symposia where those with more extensive backgrounds in related fields can congregate, network, and cross-pollinate.  We also host specialized workshops, such as those for healthcare professionals, spa personnel, or hypnotherapists both at our Aesculapia Retreat site, and at the sponsor’s site.  Ask about our 7 - 14 day experiential Darkroom Enlightenment retreats.  Call for details on booking your organization.

Audio and Video Tapes:

Coming Soon:  The Asklepia Archives contain hours and hours of publically-available audio tapes of teaching, seminars, and individual journeys which are very instructive.  There are also radio interviews and videos showing the beauty of Aesculapia Wilderness Retreat and the lovely surrounding Siskiyou Mountains and Rogue River Valley.  The Retreat is within a day trip of Crater Lake, Mt. Ashland skiing, Redwood forests, Kalamiopsis Wilderness Area, Illinois River Valley, Mt. Shasta, and the Oregon Coast.  We also offer videos of training sessions, showing the CRP journey process.

Online Counseling:

Whether you have been on dream journeys yet with us or not, we can meet your online counseling needs.  After an initial call to establish  rapport, we work against a pre-paid retainer, answering your questions and offering support via your e-mail.  In some cases, CRP may be done on the phone.  Standard fee is $50 per hour, debited against retainer.

Asklepia Publishing House and E-Books

Want to venture into self-publishing but don't know how or need some assistance?  Asklepia Publishing assists authors to self-publish through two imprints: 1). Our own Asklepia Publications for works related to Consciousness Technologies, and 2). Pythia Press for general subjects not necessarily related to our Foundation.  Of particular interest to us are works on Consciousness Studies and Mster's dissertations.  Tell us about your proposed project.  Find out more by clicking here for rates and press set-up.

Asklepia publishes extensively online, E-books, and conventional formats.  Our current offering  is HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING; Dreams, Consciousness Restructuring, Chaos and the Placebo Effect.  By Graywolf Swinney, Asklepia Publications, 2001.  Available  here.

AMPHORA is the free quarterly online newsletter of The Asklepia Foundation.  Its purpose is to update members of The Chaosophical Society on foundation activities, news and latest research in its interdisciplinary fields of interest.  It also offers topical counseling suggestions on a wide variety of personal and interpersonal subjects.  Send us your e-mail address to subscribe.

CHAOSOPHY JOURNAL:  Journal of The Asklepia Foundation.  An annual of our explorations.
Volume I:    Chaosophy 1993: A Journal of Chaos, Consciousness and Philosophy
Volume II:   Chaosophy 2000:  The Philosophy of CRP Treatment
Volume III: Chaosophy 2001:  Quantum Metaphysics and the Laws of Nature
Volume IV: Chaosophy 2002: Coming Soon


(541) 476-0492

The Asklepia Foundation, with its subsidiaries The Chaosophical Society and the Institute for Consciousness Science and Technology (ICST), has several speakers, each of which can address a variety of topics, suitable for a wide range of venues and media, particularly radio.  If you are booking speakers or interviews, and would like to know which of ours are available, please contact our Publicist.

For information and bookings:  Carol Sue Englebrook, Publicist and Agent

                                                    phone/fax: (503) 624-7362


GRAYWOLF SWINNEY, author of Holographic Healing, is an internationally known speaker in the fields of shamanism, dreams, consciousness, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, healing arts, and science.  A veteran of many conferences, workshops, and symposia, he has a multidimensional background as an engineer, psychologist, and shaman/therapist.  Author of Dreamhealing and Holographic Healing, and a myriad of articles in published compendiums and magazines.  As discoverer of the Consciousness Restructuring Process, CRP, he is its foremost proponent.  Having worked with many of the greats in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology has given him a rich background in the Human Potential Movement and its orientation toward enhancing spirituality, self-esteem, well-being, and health.  His topics include dreams, modern shamanism’s role in psychotherapy, spiritual or psychophysical healing, experiential therapies, intentional communities, chaos theory as it relates to the healing process, and how the new physics demonstrates the holism or oneness of the Universe.

IONA MILLER, co-author of Dreamhealing, is a clinical hypnotherapist and writer who has spoken on topics ranging from metaphysics and mysticism, to sacred psychology, and the new cosmology.  As co-author of Dreamhealing with Graywolf Swinney, she is very familiar with CRP, and the transpersonal nature of dreams.  Her published works include The Modern Alchemist (Phanes Press) and The Magickal and Ritual Use of Perfumes (Inner Traditions), and also appears in Psychedelic Monographs & Essays, and Psychedelics ReImagined.  Her topics include dream therapies, comparative psychology and mysticism, consciousness studies, neurotheology, personal mythology, hypnosis, qabalah, healing arts, drug-free shamanism, meditation, parapsychology, biofeedback, and new physics.

JOHN PENKERT, RN is a psychiatric nurse and certified addictions nurse.  As a CRP mentor, he can speak fluently about the process and his experiences using it as an adjunct to the recovery process.  His topics include the spiritual aspects and medical issues of recovery, as well as love and relationship addiction.  He has an expertise in medical detoxification and the therapeutic treatment of illnesses, resulting from alcoholism and drug abuse.

PEGGIE SOUTHWICK is a graduate of Pacifica Institute and Jungian-based Counselor.  She is developing an innovative program for at-risk children and teens, and is also a good representative for the Consciousness Restructuring Process.  Her topics include "Resilience,"special issues for at-risk children, dreams and children, teenage passages, the philosophy, orientation and work of the Asklepia Foundation.

CAROL SUE ENGLEBROOK is an experienced speaker from the greater Portland, Oregon area whose topics include psychosexual therapy, intentional communities, and alternative healing modalities.

ROB KUEHN is a certified CRP mentor, specializing in Fibromyalgia, in the greater Seattle area.

The Asklepia Foundation
“Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams”


"There is no such thing as a spiritual journey. If there were a spiritual
journey, it would be only a quarter inch long, though many miles deep. You do not have to go away outside yourself to come into real conversation with your soul and with the mysteries of the spiritual world. The eternal is at home --within you.

                                                                                                         ~~Meister Eckhart

The Chaosophical Society is the philosophical and spiritual branch of the Asklepia Foundation, the third leg of the tripod which also consists of the therapeutic and scientific endeavours of the foundation.  Membership is open to all those interested.

Founded in 1992, its mission is to teach the spiritual aspects of dreamhealing or the Consciousness Restructuring Process (CRP) to those who want to practice mentoring as a part of pastoral counseling, and to provide a social organization for those who practice and those who seek its fraternal support.  The Chaosophical Society also provides ordination through individually-structured programs in CRP leading to certifications at three different competency levels, the final level being by invitation only to the Holy Order of Disorder.

The philosophical approach of the Society recognizes that Chaos is a fundamental force in the Universe, not in any negative sense, but as the very source and matrix of hidden order, self-organizing emergent order.  That matrix and its order is considered metaphorically to be the primal “thought” of the Divine Creator, and we also are “thoughts” in that divine mind.  Its purpose and mystical goal is to lead us toward direct experience of that transpersonal healing Source, the Unbound Self.

The Society draws cross-cultural inspiration from many shamanic and mystical traditions, including [but not limited to] Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Native American, Sufi, Hermetic, Gnostic, New Age and Christian perspectives.  It need not be related to any particular tradition at all, but recognizes the fundamental validity of the holistic force of Spirit in all forms.  It shares the most with mystical processes and practices which involve direct experiential communion or epiphany with the Source, groundstate, God/Goddess, or whatever Name one prefers for that universal higher power.

The Ordination program culminates in a Doctor of Divinity degree.  The goal of the curriculum is to help the individual develop pastoral counseling skills for individual and community work.  It addresses the special needs of spiritual counseling.  Special attention is given to the value of rites of passage, ritual and ceremony in both individual and community settings.  Training provides a comprehensive background in human potential, shamanic techniques, personal mythology, comparative religion, and the varieties of spiritual practice and meditation.  Mentors receive on-site training at the retreat, and later off-site supervision in the field.

We subscribe to the Council on Spiritual Practices' Code of Ethics for Spiritual Guides (, covering topics such as Intention, Serving Society, Serving Individuals, Competence, Integrity, Quiet Presence, Not for Profit, Tolerance, and Peer Review.

E-mail us for membership information
Call for enrollment information (541) 476-0492

picture: Medusa by Iona Miller

The AsklepiaFoundation
“Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams”

ICST Research Programs

The Research wing of The Institute for Consciousness Science and Technology is directed by Graywolf Swinney, who is also the Principle Investigator of all grants and programs.


Categories for which the Foundation is seeking grants include operating expenses, salaries, hardware (i.e. computers, biofeedback, and EEG equipment), pure research, short-term and longitudinal studies of specific syndromes and cases and their treatment with the Consciousness Restructuring Process (CRP) and nutritional support.  Particular areas of interest include addictions recovery and children.


Proposals Synopsis: (
The Neuropsychology of CRP, Dreams, and REM: 
( 3/neuropsych.html)
CRP and Theta Reverie: (
Neuromagnetic Therapy: (


The Consciousness Restructuring Process has already demonstrated significant improvement for all symptomology of fibromyalgia (FM) and its related disorder chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).  A grant to perpetuate this study with medical supervision would fund a more systematical approach,  a more accurate statistical review of results, and the position of Medical Director as Principle Investigator.



Previous studies conducted for Asklepia by Thomas A. Blakely, Ph.D. [Neuropsychology and Clinical Electrophysiology] of Lake Oswego, Oregon have indicated that co-consciousness reveals itself through unique brainwave patterns, which appear very similar to sleep, but where the subject, in fact, remains alert and not only responsive, but interactive without and within the shared journey.  Specific areas of neurological interest and inquiry include the nature of "chaotic consciousness," R.E.M., sleep cycles, delta sleep and dreams; the evolutionary value of dreams; standard biofeedback and neurofeedback, also, detectable results of CRP through EEG, MRI and CAT scans; P300 waves and PGO waves within the CRP journeys; endogenous evoked potentials and "MERMERS"; false memory syndrome.  Our focus is on the Biophysics of consciousness and restructuring trauma patterns, and the process of facilitating spontaneous healing.  As one step toward that end we are sponsoring experiential Darkroom Retreats, facilitated with dream incubation and CRP.


The mindbody interface is a rich realm for many kinds of research opportunities which the Foundation would like to pursue.  Grants for this purpose would further basic research into the relationship between CRP and the Placebo Effect, chaos theory and psychobiological processes, the quantum metaphysics of the holistic organism, the quantum self, the superconduction of consciousness, the engineering of altered states, healing effects of journeys to the groundstate of consciousness, the melding of science, dreams, and spirituality, and other aspects of mindbody healing.

The Asklepia Foundation
“Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams”


Training and Research Philosophy

The Institute has the goal of connection with the divine Source, but it uses the methods and rigours of science in its pursuit of the nature of Reality.  It unites both physics and metaphysics, matter and psyche, bodymind. It heralds a return to the ancient traditions of both Natural Science or Philosophy and the art of Alchemy, which sought to find the immanence or identity of the Godhead in matter.

A potential is a River of Energy, and "chaotic consciousness" is the Ocean of Potential.  Exploring various means of tapping this infinite ocean of living energy is the purpose of The Institute forConsciousness Science and Technology.  Foremost in terms of these explorations into the engineering of consciousness is that of Human Potential, through the CRP mentoring process, taught in our trainings, and publications.

CRP, immersion in that flow of potential, is a journey to the heart of healing which bridges the gap between who you have been and who you dream of being.  Dreams are an agent of change and reveal our deepest nature, personal, cultural and transpersonal.  Our Asklepian approach is experiential, self-organizing, and emergent, rather than interpretive or analytical.

The Institute seeks to help connect more individuals with their own dreams, creativity, and genius, their elan vital, their spirituality, the Unbound Self.  Our programs are for anyone who wants to discover and explore the many facets of their psychophysical being, and enjoy freedom from self-defeating patterns and psychological traps.  CRP is a way to bring the true power of your self out of the shadows and into the light.

We encourage Generalization, rather than Specialization.  The Institute has interests in and maintains interdisciplinary research programs in such diverse fields as Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Quantum Physics, Biophysics, Quantum Cosmology, Synergetics, Allopathic Medicine and Alternative Healing arts.  Our subject is approached as both art and science.

The Institute welcomes patronage, fellow researchers, and volunteer service.  Currently, we are seeking grant funding for a pilot project in the therapeutic treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  We also have innovative programs for at-risk children and substance abuse.  However, our primary pursuit is helping others realize their unhampered flow, and self-healing potential by embracing the transformational process, listening to dreams and the inner stillness.

Asklepia Foundation

Institute for Consciousness Science and Technology (ICST)
Training Program/Certification/Ordination


To Present the Consciousness Restructuring Process (CRP) and its Applications

To Maintain a Teaching School and a Mystery School in the tradition of the Asklepian Dream Temples Devoted to Training Qualified Mentors of CRP

To Conduct Demonstration Courses and Engage in Local and Global Community Outreach

To Relate CRP to its Multidisciplinary Roots in Shamanism, the Arts & Humanities, Science, Psychology, and Spirituality

To Relate CRP to Conventional Healing, Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology, Developmental Theory, Psychopathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

To Utilize the Concepts of CRP, Chaos Theory and Complex Dynamics in Consciousness Engineering, Curriculum Planning and Teaching

To Encourage Research and Writing about Consciousness Restructuring, Consciousness Engineering, and Chaosophy

To Select Candidates for CRP Training and to Facilitate Their Progression Toward Self-Actualization, and Certification in CRP or Ordination

To Facilitate the Emergence of Mentors of the Consciousness Restructuring Process

To Further the Developmental Potential and Therapeutic Effectiveness of Each Student to the Fullest

To Further Educational, Spiritual, and Experiential Development Past the Average toward the Creative and Extraordinary

To Create a Developmental Crucible for Trainees and Supervisors

Asklepia Foundation
Training CRP Mentors for Certification or Ordination

SEMINAR I:  An Overview of the Development and Application of the Consciousness Restructuring Process

Goal:  To introduce the basic developmental concepts and multidisciplinary background of CRP; to introduce the philosophy of Chaosophy; to introduce the ancient archetypal background of Asklepian dreamhealing and shamanism.  To demonstrate and begin personal experience with CRP.

SEMINAR II:  The Frontier:  Basic Observations and Speculations on the Mind/Matter Interface and the Healing Potential of the Quantum Mind, Chaos, REM, and CRP

Goal:  To present the basic questions in the field of human potential and consciousness engineering which need exploration and elaboration.  To further describe the role of and language of Chaos Theory and CDS in the Consciousness Restructuring Process and Dynamical Psychology.  To introduce Holographic Healing and Sleep and Dream Research.  To allow each student to mentor a first Journey.

SEMINAR III:  Introduction to Dreamhealing 101; Theory and Practice

Goal:  To introduce the rudiments of CRP theory and practice and the concept of the Shaman/Therapist; to introduce Mentoring and teach the nature of co-consciousness; to describe the CRP model or map of consciousness; to begin applying the practice for self and others; to initiate supervised CRP practice with trainee peer-pairs.

SEMINAR IV:  Introduction to Holographic Healing; the Science of Consciousness Engineering

Goal:  To further describe the multidisciplinary sciences which underlie the practice of CRP, including dreamwork, the new physics, mindbody health, the healing arts and sciences, social sciences and spirituality.  Special attention is given to sleep studies, neurology, biophysics, genetics, biochemistry, embryology, quantum cosmology, psychoneuroimmunology, and cognitive sciences, among others.  To explore the idea that the mind and its biological substrate, the whole psychophysical organism, continue to evolve.  To continue sharing dreams and journeys.

SEMINAR V:  The Unbound Self: Spirituality in CRP; The Development of the Psychic Structure From Conception through Adulthood

Goal:  To explore the depths and heights of the phenomenological layers of the psyche, as they relate to the CRP Journeys.  To explore the potentials for facilitating creativity, intuition, extraordinary states of consciousness, and spiritual practices; to explore one’s own self-actualization and self-realization.  To begin practice work outside of classes.  To go where no therapist has gone before...

SEMINAR VI:  Counseling and Therapy Techniques that Work; Professional, Nonprofessional, and Spiritual Counseling; Working with Groups and in Business

Goal:  To provide ethical guidelines for Mentors and teach the function of boundaries; to teach interviewing and basic counseling skills for the professional and nonprofessional setting; to provide additional practice in Transactional Analysis and Gestalt; to address special needs of both nonprofessional and spiritual counselors; special training for group work and in the business world.  To initiate practicuum settings using CRP.

SEMINAR VII:  Clinical Applications of CRP; Psychopathology, Diagnosis, and Integrative Treatment; Tailoring Treatment Programs; Working with Agencies

Goal:  To outline specific protocols for CRP treatment of specific disorders, including diagnosis and multidisciplinary integrative treatment, including allopathic and naturopathic, dietary, and lifestyle support.  To provide both theory and practicuum training for CRP mentors, and instruction and experience working with other medical and mental health agencies, and medical personnel.  To give additional training for specialists, such as addiction counselors and medical professionals.  Special instruction by John Penkert in Nursing issues, Chemical Dependency, Love Addiction, Dual Diagnosis, and Psychiatric Nursing.

SEMINAR VIII:  Ordination Curriculum for Divinity Students; Spiritual Counseling for Individuals and Communities

Goal:  To address the special needs and training of spiritual counselors using CRP in pastoral work; special attention is given to the value of ritual and ceremony in both individual and community settings; to provide a comprehensive background in human potential, shamanic techniques, personal mythology, comparative religion, and the varieties of spiritual practice and meditation; to teach the mentor to work with the belief system of the mentee.  To provide special off-site supervision for mentors in the field.

SEMINAR IX:  Using CRP with Children and Kids at Risk in the School, Agency, and Clinical Setting

Goal:  To cover the special needs of children and unique treatment settings; dealing with children’s dreams and special behavioral problems and diagnoses.  Special instruction by Peggie Southwick in counceling and dealing with at risk children on a variety of issues.

SEMINAR X:  Adapting the Consciousness Restructuring Process for General and Clinical Use by the Hypnotherapist

Goal:  To address the adoption of CRP in the practice of Certified Hypnotists, Certified Hypnotherapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists; practical guidance on how and when to employ CRP in a Hypnotherapy practice.  Training for practitioners and faculty and Directors of Hypnotherapy Training.  Special instruction by Iona Miller, and Nola Ettner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.  Note: This workshop is available for presentation in your wellness clinic or hypnotherapy training school.

 The Asklepia Foundation
“Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams”



If you call for an interview be prepared to answer question such as the following:



Phone Number and/or E-mail:

Have you had contact with the Foundation prior to this application?:

Are you seeking Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for certification training?:

Relevant Personal Background:  [You may attach your Resume or Curriculum Vita, or describe your relevant background; list any any counseling experience or people-helping skills; what are your short- and long-term personal goals and dreams?].

Reasons for Seeking Training in CRP: [What in particular appeals to you about Asklepia Foundation and the experiential approach compared with other programs?]

How do you plan to use the Consciousness Restructuring Process (Professionally or Non-Professionally)?  Do you plan to complete training; will you use it for personal dreamwork with friends and family, shamanic, therapeutic, or spiritual counseling?:

When would you like to begin your training?:

Do you plan an extended stay at Aesculapia Retreat?:

Have you experienced any types of psychotherapy, counseling, training analysis, or dreamwork; are you currently taking any medication or under the supervision of a physician or mental health professional?:

Are you interested in the Whitewater Training Program on the Rogue River?:

Are you willing to comply with the ethical guidelines for practice set by the Foundation?  Are you willing to suppliment on-site training with our supervised individual Homestudy Program?  Are you online?:

Scholarship Grant:  If you are applying for a scholarship, please explain why you are our best candidate, what your special qualifications are, and what service you would be willing to offer the Foundation?  Can you appear in person or via videotape for an interview with the Scholarship Commitee?  Can you cover your personal expenses besides lodging without aid during the training period at Aesculapia?


As a CRP Mentor holding a certification from the Asklepia Foundation’s ICST, I commit myself to conduct my professional relationships in accord with informed consent, the Code of Ethics and subscribe to the following statements:

* First: I will do no harm.

* I will not discriminate because of race, color, religion, age, sex, or national ancestry and in my job capacity will work to prevent and eliminate such discrimination in rendering service, in work assignments, and in employment practices.

* I give precedence to my professional responsibility over my personal interests.

* I hold myself responsible for the quality and extent of the service I perform.

* I respect the privacy of the people I serve.

* I respect the rights, desires and needs of my clients at all times.

* I use in a responsible manner information gained in professional relationships, and keep secure all files on such information.

* I treat with respect the findings, views, and actions of colleagues and use appropriate channels to express judgment on these matters.

* I practice CRP within the recognized knowledge and competence of the profession.

* I recognize my professional responsibility to add my ideas and findings to the body of CRP knowledge and practice.

* I accept responsibility to help protect the community against unethical practice by any individuals or organizations engaged in therapeutic or hypnotic services.

* I distinguish clearly, in public, between my statements and actions as an individual and as a representative of an organization.

* I support the principle that professional practice requires professional education.

* I teach CRP self-help methods to my clients/students whenever possible.

* I contribute my knowledge, skills and support to programs of human welfare.

I agree to conduct my practice and all professional interactions in strict accordance with the Code of Ethics as defined.  If I am charged with an ethics violation, I understand that an investigation may be conducted upon receipt of a written complaint signed by a complaining party.  I will be given an opportunity to present my version of the complaint to the Ethics Committee.  I understand that my Certification could be suspended for a specified period of time or revoked by a unanimous vote of the Ethics Committee.  In any case, I agree to hold the Asklepia Foundation and ICST harmless for such actions.


Name (please print clearly):_________________________________________________


The Asklepia Foundation
"Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams"

CRP Certification through ICST
Course Syllabus 2001

RECOMMENDED READING:                    * Required Reading; remainder optional

*DSM-IV - American Psychological Association
*Dreamhealing - Graywolf Swinney and Iona Miller
*Holographic Healing - Graywolf Swinney
*CHAOS - James Gleick
*Mentoring - Huang and Lynch
*The Tao of Physics - Fritjof Capra
*The Holographic Universe - Michael Talbot
*Wholeness and the Implicate Order - David Bohm
*The World As I See It - Albert Einstein
*Quantum Healing - Deepak Chopra
*The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist - Lawrence LaShan
*Molecules of Emotion - Candace Pert

*Born to Win - James & Jongeward
*Games People Play - Eric Berne
*What Do You Say After You Say Hello? - Eric Berne
*Transactional Analysis in Psychothherapy - Eric Berne
*I’m OK; You’re OK - Thomas Harris
*Scripts People Live - Claude Steiner 
The T.A. Primer - Adelaide Bry
*Gestalt Therapy Verbatim - Fritz Perls
*The Gestalt Therapy Book - Joel Latner
Peoplemaking - Virginia Satir
Conjoint Family Therapy - Virginia Satir
Client-Centered Therapy - Carl Rogers
Motivation and Personality - Abraham Maslow
Toward a Psychology of Being - Abraham Maslow
Humanistic Psychology - John Shaffer

Einstein's Universe: Relativity Made Plain - Nigel Calder
The Dreaming Universe - Fred Alan Wolf
The Spiritual Universe - Fred Alan Wolf
The Three Pound Universe - Judith Hooper, Dick Teresi
Dreamtime and Dreamwork - Stanley Krippner
The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing - Ernest Rossi
Getting Well Again - Carl Simonton/Creighton
Love, Medicine, and Miracles - Bernie Siegel
Peace, Love, and Healing - Bernie Siegel
The Modern Alchemist - R. A. Miller and Iona Miller
The Ego & The Dynamic Ground - Michael Washburn
Changes of Mind: Holonomic Theory of Consciousness - Jenny Wade
Languages of the Brain - Karl Pribram
Integral Psychology - Ken Wilber
The Roots of Consciousness - Jeffrey Mishlove
Personal Mythology - Krippner and Feinstein
Trialogues at the Edge of the West - Abraham, Sheldrake & McKenna
The Holographic Paradigm - Ken Wilber
The Adventure of Self-Discovery - Stanislav Grof
The Holotropic Mind - Stanislav Grof
Flow - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Brain, Symbol, and Experience - McManus et al
A Natural History of the Senses - Diane Ackerman
The Future of the Body - Michael Murphy
Vital Lies, Simple Truths - Daniel Goleman
Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman
Connecting with Our Spiritual Intelligence - Zohar & Marshall
Please Understand Me - Keirsey & Bates
Please Understand Me II - David Keirsey
Imagery in Healing: Shamanism & Modern Medicine - Jeanne Acterberg
Woman as Healer - Jeanne Acterberg
Inward Arc: Healing in Psychotherapy and Spirituality - Frances Vaughn
Stalking the Wild Pendulum - Isaak Bentov
Space, Time and Medicine - Larry Dossey
The Evolution of Consciousness - Robert Ornstein
Multimind - Robert Ornstein
The Rediscovery of the Mind - John Searle
Consciousness Explained - Daniel Dennett
Conscious Mind: David Chalmers
The Quark and the Jaguar - Murray Gell-Mann
The Runaway Universe - Donald Goldsmith
A Universe of Consciousness - Gerald Edelman & Giulio Tononi
The Living Energy Universe - Gary Schwartz & Linda Russek
Transpersonal Psychologies - Charles Tart
States of Consciousness - Charles Tart
Altered States of Consciousness - Charles Tart
Waking Up - Charles Tart
The Body Quantum - Fred Alan Wolf
The Eagle’s Quest - Fred Alan Wolf
The Looking Glass Universe - Briggs and Peat
Beyond the Quantum - Michael Talbot
Healing and Wholeness - John Sanford
Dreams and the Growth of Personality - Ernest Rossi
Re-Visioning Psychology - James Hillman
Dreams and the Underworld - James Hillman
The Soul’s Code - James Hillman
Dreambody - Arnold Mindell
The Shaman’s Body - Arnold Mindell
River’s Way - Arnold Mindell
Quantum Mind - Arnold Mindell
Journey Into Healing: Awakening Wisdom Within You - Deepak Chopra
Order Out of Chaos - Ilya Prigogine
Turbulent Mirror - John Briggs and David Peat
Machinery of the Mind - E. Roy John
Brain and Perception - Karl Pribram
Complexity: Life at the Edge of Chaos - Roger Lewin
Complexity: Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos - M. Mitchell Waldrop
About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution - Paul Davies
Archetypes and Strange Attractors - John Van Eenwyk
At Home In the Universe - Stuart Kauffman
Belonging to the Universe - Fritjof Capra, et al
Beyond Einstein: The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe - Michio Kaku and J.T. Thompson
Black Holes & Baby Universes - Stephen Hawking
Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy - Kip Thorne
Body, Mind, Spirit: Exploring Parapsychology of Spirit - Charles Tart
Cosmic Book: On the Mechanics of Creation
Cosmic Circle: Unification of Mind, Matter & Energy - Robert Langs et al
Creative Cosmos: Towards a Unified Science of Matter, Life & Mind - Ervin Lazlo
Elemental Mind : Human Consciousness & the New Physics - Nick Herbert
Fractals: The Patterns of Chaos - John Briggs
Ghost In the Atom: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics - Paul Davies et al
God & The New Physics - Paul Davies
Hidden Domain: Home of the Quantum Wave Function, Nature's Creative Source - Norman Friedman
Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey - Michio Kaku
Infinite Potential: The Life & Times of David Bohm - F. David Peat
Matter Myth: Dramatic discoveries Challenge Understanding of Physical Reality - Paul Davies et al
Mind of God: Scientific Basis for a Rational World - Paul Davies
Mysticism and the New Physics - Michael Talbot
Nature of Space and Time - Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose
A New Science of Life - Rupert Sheldrake
Chaos, Gaia, Eros - Ralph Abraham
Other Worlds: Space, Superspace & the Quantum Universe - Paul Davies
Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the Great Physicists - Ken Wilber et al
Quantum Reality : Beyond the New Physics - Nick Herbert
Rebirth of Nature: The Greening of Science & God - Rupert Sheldrake
Rediscoering the Soul: A Scientific & Spiritual Approach - Larry Dossey
Reflexive Universe: Evolution of Consciousness - Arthur M. Young
Synchronicity: Bridge Between Matter & Mind - F. David Peat
Taking the Quantum Leap - Fred Alan Wolf
Web of Life: New Understanding of Living Systems - Fritjob Capra
Unfolding Meaning: A Weekend with David Bohm - David Bohm
Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory - David Chalmers
Shadows of the Mind - Roger Penrose
Chaos Theory and Psychology - F. Abraham and Gilgen
The Radiance of Being - Allan Combs
Toward A Science of Consciousness - S. Hameroff, et al, Eds.
A Universe of Consciousness - Edelman
Chaotic Logic - Ben Goertzel
The Dreaming Brain - Hobson
The Origins of Order - Stuart Kauffman
Evolution: The Grand Synthesis - Ervin Lazlo
Proceedings of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences - Robertson, Combs
Nonlinear Dynamics and Brain Functioning - Paul Rapp, et al
The Neuropsychology of Dreams - M. Solms

Link to Chaosophy Journal - Asklepia Foundation
Link to DynaPsych Contents - Ben Goertzel/Allan Combs
Link to “Online Papers on Consciousness” - Compiled by David Chalmers
Link to Journal of Consciousness Studies (JCS)
Link to Transactional Analysis Journal (T.A. Journal)
Link to Humanistic Psychology Journal
Link to Transpersonal Psychology Journal

“The Holy Order of Disorder”

GOD IS THE UNBOUND SELF (coming 2001) - Graywolf Swinney
The Self Aware Universe - Amit Goswami
Brief History of Everything - Ken Wilber
Eye of Spirit - Ken Wilber
Spectrum of Consciousness - Ken Wilber
Way of the Wizard - Deepak Chopra
God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder: Ultimate Reality in New Physics - Brian Hines

Black Elk Speaks - John G. Neihardt
Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power & Healing - Michael Harner
Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy - Mircea Eliade
A Path With Heart - Jack Kornfield
Wheels of Life: Chakras - Anodea Judith
Spirit of Shamanism - Roger Walsh
Spiritual Dimensions of Healing - Stanley Krippner & P. Welch

Asklepia Foundation
"Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams"



2001 Calendar

picture: Shamanic Dreams by Iona Miller


Asklepia offers private and group training sessions.  Contact us for dates of Spring and Fall sessions.  Make reservations now for your place in our 2002 Training Schedule.


There are many exciting and beautiful places at or near the Retreat, including our own 80 acres of lovely woods, springs, streams, and even a small cave.  Individual or group sessions can include camping, retreats, workshops, and Dreamhealing.  Join in the fun with our weekly sweats, dreamsharing, vision quests, and drum journeys, and meetings of the Chaosophical Society included with your stay.

You can book spa treatments or massage with our in-house therapists (by appointment).  Enjoy free summer weekly concerts in Riverside Park (a little bit of old Americana), or join the fun during the annual Cruise Night and Vintage Car Show, or Boatnik Festival (carnival and jet boat races and rides all summer) over Memorial Day weekend.  This year downtown's Rogue Theatre hosts Richie Havens, Leon Russell, Starship, Dave Mason, Poco, Asleep at the Wheel and the Rogue Celtic Festival.

Our annual County Fair books nationally-known acts, both country and rock.  Spend a day exploring the many parks (including skate, frisbee-golf and all-sports parks) along the Rogue River.  Visit our many recreation areas and perhaps the Weasku Inn, favorite destination of Clark Gable and other Hollywood notables.  The Rogue River is where Zane Gray got his inspiration and it's waiting to inspire you, too!  Or follow the Applegate up from the Retreat to its source in snowy California peaks.

"It's the Climate!"  We have four distinct, yet relatively-mild seasons.  In the Spring it is verdent green here, like the Emerald Isle.  Summer is warm enough to swim comfortably in the many creeks and rivers.  Indian Summer lasts through October, and the Fall colors are a riotous attraction in themselves.

There are many beautiful drives and nature walks in the area for you to explore on your own, or with some of us.  Just a couple of miles from the Retreat is an easy-rated Limpy Creek Nature Walk.  Only a little further are trails of moderate length for picnicing, including the Enchanted Forest, and Cathedral Hills, which are also suited for mountain bikes.  Take a drive into the Applegate Valley and up to Applegate Lake. Or drive to Williams through pioneer homesteads and head for the hills to the Caves Highway and wineries or Lake Selmac after some solitude along Upper Deer Creek.

Or head out and enjoy the pristine beauty of the local wine-country, the wild and scenic Illinois River Valley and Oregon Caves; or, if you feel more social try the world-famous Britt Music Festivals (both classical and popular) in Jacksonville and Medford or the incomparable Ashland Shakespeare Festival.  Enjoy the view after hiking up Lower Table Rock; or attend the annual Pear Blossom Run Festival.

How about a whalewatching daytrip to the beach through the Redwoods, less than 2 hours away from Crescent City, through the serpentine Smith River canyon, to Brookings/Harbor, Gold Beach and points north, or a leisurely four-hour drive south to Eureka, Ca. along the Coastal Redwoods to the new Morris Graves Museum of Art, housing several galleries?


A short drive from Aesculapia Retreat through Merlin, begin an adventure into whitewater and dreams with Graywolf as your guide.  This 3-day journey begins at Graves Creek on the world-class Rogue River and winds through the beautiful Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area.  Camp along the river and enjoy the scenery and wildlife, explore your nightly dreams with the group each morning, and see what transformative experiences the "River-Healer" brings your way.  Most gear and meals included.  Call for an equipment list, schedule, and protocols.  To find out more about this fabulous whitewater adventure and healing experience...



A little too timid for a whitewater adventure, or is your time limited?  Consider "getting your feet wet" on our daytrips and overnighter campouts on the Middle Rogue River.  These riffles and rapids are fun, even for children.  An even easier Tahiti "float" is available from Chinook Park, north of Grants Pass to Schroeder Park, south of town; enjoy a picnic anywhere along the way.  Rent Tahitis at Bradbury's Gun n' Tackle.

Our own Middle Rogue trips start at Hog Creek and pass through the reknown Hellsgate Canyon of the Rogue River and end in Galice; or start upstream from Galice and float to any number of campgrounds between there and Graves Creek, where the world-class whitewater begins.  From there you can hike 2 miles to Rainey Falls, along the beautiful shady side of the river, or take the "high road" trail on the sunny side of life!  Or take a drive downstream through backroads to Mariel or Powers. The Meryl Streep movie "River Wild" was filmed here, and with good reason.


Aesculapia is located in a "sacred triangle" considered holy by Native Americans because of its unique natural features and intrinsic beauty.  So "get on the bus," like the old days, with Graywolf and the Asklepians and "let's do the time-warp, again."  Enjoy the Grand Tour from Aesculapia to our sister-spas in Mt. Shasta (and Stuart Hot Springs) and at Breitenbush Hot Springs.  Each stop includes an overnight stay and time to explore the area's natural delights alone or with the group.  Smaller tours by van with our staff can accomodate journeyers wishes or special needs (ask about handicapped access; we will try to meet your needs).


Want to get off the beaten path and bring a little bit of nature home with you?  Take the "road less traveled" with our tour guides.  Or learn while you tour with nature photography expert, Bob Miller, through the beautiful Southern Oregon landscape.  Which way shall we go today?  The Southern Oregon general area is peppered with impressive, unique geological wonders, such as Crater Lake, Mt. Shasta, Shasta Lake, Mt. Ashland, and the Lava Tubes of eastern Oregon.  All around are lovely drives through bucolic farmland and the Siskiyou Mountains.  In one direction lies the beautiful Illinois River Valley, Oregon Caves, Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Babyfoot Lake, Mt. Elijah, Bolin Lake & Lookout, Coastal Redwoods, and incomparable Oregon and No. California Coasts.  All are home of abundant wildflowers spring through summer.  Could it be more picturesque?  We think not!

Take off in the other direction and find the Upper Rogue River, Upper and Lower Table Rock, Mt. McLaughlin, Umpqua River waterfalls, Mill Creek Falls/Avenue of the Giants, Lost Creek Lake Recreation Area, Diamond Lake, Mt. Ashland (skiing in season; fantastic wildflower walks in summer), Emigrant Lake, Greensprings, Klamath Lake Wildlife Preserve (largest bald eagle refuge in the lower USA), Mt. Shasta, Castle Crags Day Hike, or head into the American Alps, Shasta-Trinity area.  For people-watching, antique-hunting or good shopping, cultural events and fine cuisine consider side trips to picturesque Ashland and historic Jacksonville. Trips can be planned to include your personal needs, desires and highlights.


And what a great lineup it is this year!  In historic Jacksonville, Oregon, June 8 - September 12, 2001.  Among others, the headliners include Kenny Loggins, the Righteous Brothers, the Everyly Brothers, the Neville Brothers, saxophonist David Sanborn, Dr. John, Rickie Lee Jones, Wallflowers, Brian Setzer, Richie Havens, Lyle Lovett, Peter, Paul & Mary, Indigo Girls, Hot Tuna, Kenny G, Robert Cray Band, Curtis Salgado, and Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks.  Or maybe the American Indian Dance Theatre is more to your taste?  Dust off the picnic basket for a night under the stars with the stars!  Also classical and chamber music.  For dates, pricing and tickets: 800-882-7488; fax 541-776-3712;  General public sales begin May 1, 2001.  Who knows what great acts will appear in 2002?  Each year gets better!


Ashland is world-famous for its annual Shakespeare Festival, which also includes contemporary plays staged in the various theaters around town.  Enjoy the old-world atmosphere and natural beauty of Lithia Park, with its Elizabethan Theatre; stroll around for people-watching and fine shopping and cuisine.  Drop in at Soundpeace for our Asklepia Publications and a great selection of New Age products; try Bloomsbury or the Blue Dragon for unique, hard-to-find second-hand books and music.  Ashland winter highlights include skiing at Mt. Ashland, and a variety of cross-country sites.  In summer, Mt. Ashland offers a variety of wildflower hikes and fabulous views of Mt. Shasta and area.

Asklepia Foundation
"Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams"


picture of Graywolf Swinney

Co-Created Wedding Ceremonies  ...with Graywolf

(541) 476-0492

"Graywolf was able to capture and articulate the spirit of our joining with ssuch clarity and grace, that his words ring eternal in our memories and serve to guide us in our daily lives."

Before the Ceremony

Two initial consultations with Graywolf will explore the spiritual depths of your union to create a unique ceremony honoring its sacredness.

The Ceremony

In marriages that are a sacred union, the spirit joins the physical and emotional.  It has been said about shamanic marriages that when a Shaman joins two people in union, the bond is never broken!  A bride and bridegroom recently joined in marriage expressed that, "Graywolf was able to capture and articulate the spirit of our joining with such clarity and grace that his words ring eternal in our memories and serve to guide us in our daily lives."

After the Union

Graywolf and other Asklepia mentors are available for consultations to help in the evolution of your married and family relationship.  There are many transitions in family life which they can help facilitate: marriage, birth, death, re-bonding with children or bonding with an adopted child, transitioning from childhood to adulthood, or mid-life crisis, and menopause.  Graywolf and the other mentors are here to guide you and your family through such passages, insuring that the next phase of your life is enntered with confidence, enthusiasm, joy, and creativity.

Aesculapia Facilities

A beautiful, lush setting for your wedding, Aesculapia is 80 acres of forest seclusion in the beautiful Blue Glen on the edge of the mystical Siskiyou Mountains, only minutes from Grants Pass.  Scattered throughout our retreat are meadows and grassy areas perfect for weddings and ceremonies.  We have a 900 square foot dome with verdant natural surroundings.  The platform is ideal for dancing.  We can accomodate up to 300 people for the ceremony.  We have access to catering service or will work with a caterer of your choice.  For out of town guests, we have rooms and a cabin to rent.  In addition, there are many sequestered camp sites under trees and by a flowing creek.  Campers have use of the retreat and bath house facilities.

Graywolf will also bring the magic of his ceremonies to other localities.

Schedule of Fees

*  Premarital consultations plus ceremony: $175

*  Use of premises per day: $200

*  Cleaning deposit: $100; $50 refundable

*  Guest accomodations: $35 per person, per night; $50 two in a room; $15 for campers

“Journey to the Healing Heart of Your Dreams”


Newsletter of the Asklepia Foundation

AMPHORA is the monthly online newsletter of The Asklepia Foundation.  Its purpose is to update members of The Chaosophical Society on foundation activities, news and latest research in its interdisciplinary fields of interest.  It also offers topical counseling suggestions on a wide variety of personal and interpersonal subjects.

To subscribe, see the Foundation homepage at and give us your E-mail address.

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