Gallery II: Sacred Geometries

Paintings by Iona Miller, c1973-2002

Gallery I: Metaphorms & Mythical Realities
Gallery II:  Sacred Geometries
Gallery III: Magickal Luminaries (Israel Regardie)
Gallery IV: Psychogenesis Collages
Gallery V: New Collages, 2002

Qabalistic Cross & Iona

Qabalistic Cross

The Diamond Body

The Diamond Body

Nested Star

The Diamond Body: Octahedron in a Cube

Star of Regenerations

Omnidirectional Philosopher's Stone
Vector Equilibrium Star of David

Sun Code of Genetic Programming

QBL Divine Tetractys

DAATH: the Vector Equilibrium Matrix

Synergetic Meditation

Omnidirectional Halo
Double Cube: the Magickal Altar

Cube of Space

Tree of Life Geometry

Qabalistic Isotropic Vector Matrix

Atomic Vector Equilibrium Matrix

Atomic V.E.M.


Unicursal Hexagram

All Artwork by Iona Miller; All Rights Reserved
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